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R-3 (PGY-4)

During the third year (R3) you will hone your organizational and leadership skills and develop confidence recognizing and treating a wide array of neurological disease.  The capstone rotation of the residency program is Service Chief on the Inpatient General and Consult Services. 

This challenging rotation provides you with experience supervising junior neurology residents, off-service residents, medical students and advanced practice providers. 

Importantly, during your final year you will have the opportunity to fill gaps in your knowledge and experience by spending one month in the clinic working with subspecialty attendings in Movement Disorder and Dementia and another month concentrating on Neuro-ophthalmology and Neuroimmunology. As you approach graduation, you will be an experienced, efficient and confident neurologist.

Lead Residents

In 2018 a committee of residents and faculty met to update the Chief Resident selection procedure.  In addition to supporting continued election of two supervising chief residents, the committee, recognizing the importance of leadership development for all physicians, initiated a program wherein all PGY-4  Neurology residents will assume one of 5 “Lead” roles during their final year of training.

The Chief Residents will have primary responsibility for supervision and scheduling but will also play a key role in education and will support their peers fulfill their leadership roles.  

Research Lead:  (one PGY-4)

  • Support and advice for all residents on their scholarly projects.
  • Support and advise faculty and residents on structure and content of Journal Clubs and Evidence-based Medicine Clubs
  • Facilitate a current "Faculty Project List"
  • Assist faculty delivering AAN EBM Course content when applicable
  • Facilitate June resident noon "Research Updates."
  • Provide in-service training to residents on such topics as "Navigating the IRB", "Redcap", "Slicer Dicer"
  • Demonstrate innovation in ways to promote resident scholarship 

Quality Lead: (one PGY-4)

  • Attend Monthly Departmental Quality Committee meetings
  • Assist with M&Ms and Dr. Duleeps' monthly QI/PS conferences
  • Coordinate Quality Improvement Project teams
  • Attend UH Quality Meetings
  • Demonstrate innovation in ways to develop resident QI/PS education

Education Lead (two PGY-4s) 

  • Organize (and deliver portions of) RITE Prep
  • Organize Continuum Review sessions, including pre and post tests
  • Assist faculty with end of block Jeopardys or Exams
  • Coordinate Neuroanatomy Course Lab schedule with Dr. Dana Mihaila
  • Assist with Sim Lab development and execution
  • Demonstrate innovation in educational programs. 

Public Relations Lead/Wellness Lead (one PGY-4)

  • Assist PD with Grand Rounds Planning
  • Greet, introduce, and host Grand Rounds speakers
  • Key role during interview season hosting candidates
  • Develop community involvement programs to increase resident involvement in community health
  • Act as an advocate for Medical Students
  • Demonstrate innovation in public relations.
  • Chair Resident Wellness Committee
  • Work with Faculty Wellness Committee and program leadership to promote resident wellness practices and identify causes of burnout.

Sample R3 schedule

Weeks Rotation
2, 2, 1 Elective, Clinic, NAR
2, 2 General Service Chief, Stroke Sr
1, 1, 2 Clinic, NAR, Peds
2, 1, 1 General Service Chief, Clinic, Night Float
4 Stroke Sr
1, 1, 2 Clinic, Elective, Peds
2, 1, 1 VAC, Clinic, NAR
2, 1, 1 MS/NO, NAER, VAC
1, 1, 2 Clinic, NAR, Neurodegen 
2, 1, 1 General Service Chief, Clinic, NAR
2, 2 Peds, Elective
1, 1, 2 Clinic, VAC, Peds
2, 1, 1 General Service Chief, Clinic, NAR