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R-2 (PGY-3)

The R2 year provides you with intensive experience with triage and treatment of neurologic emergencies as well as extensive opportunity to explore the sub-specialties and choose a fellowship.

During the R2 year you also take on more challenging leadership roles such as the Neurology Admitting Resident, General Night Float, Stroke Senior and University Hospital Consult. During the l consult rotation you will evaluate and treat patients with neurologic complications of systemic disease, anoxic brain injury, complex epilepsies, functional neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders of the CNS and severe neuromuscular diseases.You will also takes charge of small inpatient services at the VA, working one-on-one with the attending, supervising one or more medical students.

Senior resident call responsibilities are split between the R2 and R3 residents. As a senior resident you will take 12-hour Saturday call approximately 1 in 10 weekends and 12-hour Sunday call 1 in 10 weekends.

Sample R2 schedule

Weeks Rotation
1, 1, 2 NAR, Clinic, EEG-Epilepsy
1, 2, 1 EEG-Epilepsy, VA, Clinic
1, 2, 1 UH Consult, Night Float, VA
1, 1, 2 VA, Clinic, Elective
1, 2, 1 VAC, VA, Clinic
1, 2, 1 EMU, Night Float, VA
1, 1, 2 VA, Clinic, EMG-NM
2, 1, 1 EMG-NM, NAR, Clinic
2, 1, 1 Stroke Sr, NAR, UH Consult
1, 3 Clinic, UH Consult
2, 1, 1 VAC, NAR, Clinic
1, 2, 1 Consult, Night Float, Elective
1, 1, 1, 1 Elective, Clinic, NAR, UH Consult