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Child Neurology

AAN Program Director Recognition Award

Dr. Bradshaw is the 2014 recipient of the AAN Program Directors Award, given by the Consortium of Neurology Program Directors.  The award is intended to acknowledge excellence on behalf of neurology program directors, whose leadership, creativity, and innovation, is crucial in ensuring the future of Neurology.

Recent honorees include

  • 2014 Deborah Young Bradshaw, MD; Zachary N. London, MD
  • 2013 Christopher J. Boes, MD; Steven Vernino, MD, PhD, FAAN
  • 2012 Jaffar Khan, MD, FAAN; Patrick S. Reynolds, MD
  • 2011 Blair Ford, MD, FAAN; David J. Capobianco, MD, FAAN
  • 2010 John W. Engstrom, MD, FAAN; Noor A. Pirzada, MD
  • 2009 Ralph F. Jozefowicz, MD, FAAN; Joel C. Morgenlander, MD, FAAN