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MSIV Frequently Asked Questions

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How can visiting students register for Neurology electives or acting internships?

Visiting students should contact the Registrar’s Office regarding registration. Procedures for visiting students are listed on their website.

How does the elective lottery process work?

The lottery process takes place in January of the 3rd year. For more details, please contact the Registrar’s office.

Who should I contact with questions regarding the electives/AIs?

Any questions regarding registration should be directed to the Registrar’s Office. Other questions about the electives can be sent to the Course Directors or Administrators listed below:

Course ID Course Title Contacts
NEUR2801 Adult Clinical Neurology Acting Internship Dr. Michael Vertino, John Reidy
NEUR2807 Delivery of Outpatient Care in Neurology Dr. Michael Vertino, John Reidy
NEUR2808 Elective with Practicing Neurologist Dr. Michael Vertino, John Reidy
NEUR2814 Neuro-Ophthalmology Dr. Luis Mejico, John Reidy
NEUR2815 Neuroscience for the Primary Care Physician Dr. Saeed Bajwa

How am I graded/evaluated?

Elective students and Acting Interns are graded by their preceptors based on clinical performance, knowledge base, professionalism, communication skills, and initiative.