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Time Off Policy

Per ACGME and ABIM policy: 

  • you are allowed a total of 20 days off per academic year (this includes interview time, vacation time, and sick time exceeding 4 days)
  • unused time-off cannot be carried over to the following year (i.e. you must use your annual allotment of 20 days)
  • Anytime beyond 20 days must be made up (i.e. training time must be extended which means that your fellowship end date will be after June 30th of your final year
  • extending your training means that your employment start date will be delayed beyond July 1st) in order for you to be eligible for the ABIM Certifying Exam.  There are no exceptions to this rule

Incoming fellows will be required to submit in advance of the academic year all planned days off; these days can only be while on an elective. However, changes may be allowed. All changes require approval of the Nephrology Fellowship Office.

  • Please note that while we fully support the Family Medical Leave Act, any time taken beyond the allowed 20 days per year must be made up in order to be eligible for promotion or graduation. This wil require extending your training time.
  • All time-off, regardless of reason, requires prior approval of the Nephrology Fellowship Office.
  • Vacation requests are on a first come, first serve basis.