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The role of the evaluations is to provide you with an assessment of how you are doing.  These evaluations will be discussed with you at the regular meetings with your faculty advisor.  The evaluation process also permits you to evaluate the faculty and the program so that we can continue to improve the Nephrology training program.  A copy of your evaluations is kept in your file in the nephrology office.  You are free to look at them whenever you wish.  

Formal evaluations:


Each faculty member with whom you have worked will evaluate you quarterly.

Renal Conference

The faculty will evaluate each renal conference you give.  Feedback will be given by your adcisor or the fellowship director.

Physiology conference

The faculty will evaluate each physiology conference that you give.  Informal feedback will be given through interaction with your topic advisor.  The formal feedback will come from your advisor or the fellowship director.

Journal Club

The faculty will evaluate each journal club that you give.   Feedback will be given by your advisor or the fellowship director.


You are to evaluate each faculty member with whom you have worked.  These evaluations are important to continue to improve the program. This is done every six months.


Every year, you will be asked to evaluate the program formally.  This meeting takes place in the Spring. 

Other evaluations:

Meetings with advisor – these will be held with your advisor each month for the first four months, then every two months after that.  He or she will discuss your evaluations in general, including discussions held at the Division meeting (see below).  You can also discuss with your advisor any critiques, good or bad, about the program.  The advisor will record the content of this meeting.

Division meeting – at the regular Division meetings, the faculty discuss how each of the fellows is doing.  This permits faculty members who have interacted infrequently with you on a weekend or in clinics to provide some evaluation.  Minutes of this meeting are taken and maintained.

Group meetings of all the fellows with the Fellowship Director– these are held monthly.  They allow you to evaluate the program in a less formal structure, and the group setting may prompt critique you otherwise might have forgotten.  Minutes of this meeting are taken and maintained.  There will also be yearly meetings with the Chief, Dr. Narsipur, and exit interviews at the end of fellowship.