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Our Students in the News

Read about some of our students who have been featured on Upstate's "With Distinction" blog. Hear about their field placements, their achievements, their passions, and how they are making a difference in the community and in the world.

Tim Smilnak

MD/MPH student Tim Smilnak talks about how his educational path and life's choices has been directed by the examples of altruism of others.

Tia Marks & Nadia Yosuf

MPH students Tia Marks and Nadia Yosuf did their field placement internship with the Cayuga Community Health Network. They worked on the Healthy Neighborhoods program and talk about how rewarding it was to help the people in the community.

Jean Fidele Munezero

MPH student Jean Fidele Munezero, did his field placement internship in DC with the United States Aid for International Development agency. He worked in the global health bureau, working on a malaria project.

Katie Wood

MPH student Katie Wood is president of the public health student group. Katie is also a fellow at the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion at SU's Maxwell School. She talks about her work in the community.

Lizzy Wei McIntosh

MD/MPH student Lizzy McIntosh attends AAFP conference and is chosen student chair for the 2017 national conference.

Leesha Helm

MD/MPH student Leesha Helm and husband Matt address hunger in Syracuse with a project called Feed the City.

 Mustafa Awayda

MPH student Mustafa Awayda, MD talks about the role his public health training has played in the development and growth of the of Rahma Health Clinic. He talks about the services and a health fair.

Lizzy Wei McIntosh

MD/MPH student Lizzy McIntosh was selected as student representative to the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation.

 Kyle Plante

MPH student Kyle Plante, along with Upstate medical student Simone Arvisais-Anhalt, were chosen for the prestigious Paul Ambrose Scholars Program.

Michael Rosenthal

MPH student Michael Rosenthal talks about his passion for volunteering. He knows his work is "out there, in the community".

Nicole Cifra

MD/MPH student Nicole Cifra was awarded the National Public Health Service Award for her work with eating disorders. Nicole plans to specialize in adolescent health.

Roberto Martinez

MPH student Roberto Martinez, MD talks about his passion for public health.

Rozlynn Jakes Johnson

MPH student Rozlynn Jakes-Johnson talks about her PhotoVoice research project. She wanted to understand how to empower the refugee population.

Lauren Wetterhan

MPH student Lauren Wetterhahn shares her research insights about how the homeless population utilizes the ER.

Sean Haley

MD/MPH student Sean Haley talks about a non-profit he helped to organize, HopePrint. The non-profit supports Syracuse's refugee population.

Claudy Zulme

While in medical school, Claudy Zulme spent his winter break volunteering in Haiti. Claudy then went on to earn his MPH in the CNYMPH Program.