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Non-Matriculation Policy

Non-matriculated students may take a maximum of two (2) MPH courses (6 credit hours) before formally applying to the program. For those non-matriculated students who may have an interest in applying to the MPH program, it is suggested that any two of the following courses be taken:

Available Courses for Non-matriculated Students at Upstate Include:

  • MPHP 601 Principles of Epidemiology
  • MPHP 602 Principles of Biostatistics
  • MPHP 603 Principles of Environmental Health
  • MPHP 604 Social and Behavioral Dimensions of Public Health
  • MPHP 607 Public Health Administration

Non-matriculated students are not eligible for financial aid. All MPH courses have limited enrollment; priority and permission are given to matriculated students. The program determines which courses are open to non-matriculated students as well the number of students allowed in each course.

Non-matriculated to Matriculated Application Process.

If the non-matriculated student subsequently wishes to apply to the program, s/he must complete the formal MPH application process (detailed on website), and be accepted based on the delineated criteria. Credits from the courses taken as a non-matriculated student will apply to the student's MPH course credits. An application to become a matriculated student does not guarantee admission.

For information on how to register for courses as a Non-matriculated student, please call the MPH Program Office at 315-464-1700.