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MD-MPH Student Testimonials


Nicole Cifra, MD, MPH

“While working towards my MD/MPH I learned more about health behaviors and the elements of successful interventions. This has impacted how I counsel patients in the office. The MPH training will give you experience with health and healthcare that you’ll never get as a medical student. You’ll be able to appreciate different aspects of healthcare, and will learn how to problem solve on a systems level.”

Sean Haley, MD, MPH

“The MD/MPH degree truly sets you apart. It provides a more encompassing view of what healthcare is and how we, as providers, fit into the larger system.The dual degree program prepares you to go into clinical medicine with an edge because you understand the way that the healthcare delivery system works, and you have a better appreciation of how to identify community resources, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of programs, and you are equipped to create real-time solutions to complex problems.”