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Certificate of Advanced Study in Public Health

Program at a Glance

The Certificate of Advanced Study in Public Health (CASPH) is a 5-course (13-15 credit hours) program of study. The certificate can be completed in as little as two semesters but students have up to five years to complete the requirements for the program.

The Certificate Program is organized to offer a foundational curriculum centered around public health competencies. The curriculum has been designed to reflect the interrelationship between public health practice and research and is designed to train current and future practitioners and researchers in the core public health functions. Students in the CAS Program have the ability to select which courses they can include in their plans of study. This allows them as well to focus on particular aspects of public health that interest them and align with their educational and career goals.

The abbreviated training allows interested students, who are either unable to complete a master's degree, yet interested in augmenting on-the-job training or supplementing an advanced degree with foundational public health principles and practices, the opportunity to acquire the necessary training to manage public health problems.

The certificate program:

  • Provides an avenue for interdisciplinary training in public health for healthcare workers, and degree-seeking students;
  • Contributes to the ongoing efforts to enhance relationships between community agencies by creating opportunities to educate and engage a large community of trained public health professionals;
  • Provides professional development opportunities; and 
  • Creates a pathway to the Master of Public Health program for interested students.

Certificate Coursework

Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Public Health Students will work with their academic advisor to come up with a Plan of Study that will meet their Educational and Career Goals. All CAS students are required to take five Public Health courses. They can opt to take any course they choose, as long as they have already completed the prerequisites for the courses that they select.


International Students: The Certificate of Advanced Study in Public Health is not an option for international study. International students should apply to the Master of Public Health Degree.