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Tour the Upstate Mobile Mammography Unit

Upstate Mobile Mammography Van Tour

Patient Feedback

We ask every patient for their anonymous feedback about their experience on the Mammography Van.

Here is what they have shared with us:

“This was my first mammogram so I was nervous. But they put me at ease. It was so convenient as well. Very helpful and friendly. Thank you.”

“One cannot improve on something that is already perfect in every way as going to your mobile unit was. It was perfect.”

“The staff at the mobile unit were wonderful to me, almost as if I was a relative! Doing it again next year!”

“The entire experience was a job well done. The staff was superb and very caring.”

“Loved that it was nearby. Everyone was great and I only had to travel 5 minutes for a 15 minute appointment as opposed to traveling 45 minutes. Thank you.”

“The staff was professional and very personable and made me feel at ease and comfortable. They were very courteous. No wait time which was wonderful.”

“They were all fantastic!! Great crew!! Highly recommend.”