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Working Group 4: Standard IV - Support of the Student Experience

Meeting Minutes

Below are meeting minutes for Working Group 4: Support of the Student Learning Experience

Meeting Minutes - 4/19/17

Meeting Minutes - 5/24/17

Members by Title and Role on Working Group

Name Title Role on Working Group
Juile White Dean, Student Affairs Co-Chair
Margaret Maimone Associate Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology Co-Chair
Cheryl Alger Director, Adminstration - Student Affairs Admin Support
Bambi Carkey Assistant Professor, College of Nursing Member
Maryann Grandinetta Coordinator, Academic Support Services Member
Jennifer Martin Tse


Tom Poole Assistant Dean, Foundational Sciences - College of Medicine Member
Krystal Ripa Administration, MD/PhD Program Member
Laura Schlueter Senior Assistant Librarian Member
Simone Seward Instructor, Public Health and Preventive Medicine Member
Sylvia Cardounell Student, College of Medicine Student Member
Domincik Vilsait Student, College of Health Professions Student Member