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About the SCID Facility

IVIS® 200 Image
IVIS® 200 Image: Expression of
tdTomato in 293FT cells injected

The Center for Humanized SCID Mouse Models is fully AAALAC accredited.

Facility Highlights

  • Outfitted to surpass all recommended safety precautions for use of human pathogens such as EBV, KSHV, VZV, HCMV, HSV, HTLV and HIV in immunodeficient mice, and it is suited for manipulations of lentivirus vector-transduced cells.
  • All Humanized SCID Mice are kept under SPF conditions in a three-room, negative pressurized BSL-2 suite
  • Facility provides a ventilatedrack system with HEPA-filtered air and exhaust to 140 individual cages per rack, and we have the capacity to monitor several projects simultaneously in six full racks

Our Staff

A technical staff with over fifteen years of experience provides direct supervision of all projects, and our facility has been outbreak-free for over ten years.

Our staff is committed to providing high quality analysis by staying current with research technology.

A Xenogen IVIS® 200 Imager is available within the facility as well as a Guava EasyCyte® Plus System. Specialized cell sample processing within the facility is possible through our flow cytometer which provides rapid analysis of engraftment efficiency and the ability to accurately monitor disease processes.