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Medical Staff Status [or Category] Definitions

Active Staff: Physicians, dentists, and podiatrists who regularly provide patient care at University Hospital and maintain a continuing involvement in the clinical, research, and/or academic programs of the hospital, and who otherwise maintain an ongoing interest in the organizational and administrative functions of the medical staff. Active staff pay dues, participate in special medical and administrative assignments, attend meetings, and may vote, hold office, and serve on committees.

Courtesy Staff: Physicians, dentists, and podiatrists of the Medical Staff who meet the general requirements for membership on the staff, and wish to maintain an association with Upstate University Hospital but not to exercise privileges in the hospital or its facilities.  Courtesy staff may visit their patients, but do not have the authority to independently treat patients, can not vote, can not hold office, and do not pay dues.

Teaching Staff: The Teaching staff shall consist of physicians, dentists, and podiatrists who volunteer to instruct residents at Upstate University Hospital, and hold an unpaid faculty appointment at Upstate Medical University, but do not provide patient care. Teaching staff instruct in outpatient clinics, shall not have admitting privileges, shall not vote or hold office, and do not pay dues.