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Apartment Tips

Finding the perfect place to live is important. Some residents like the convenience of being able to walk to work, while others enjoy having a break from the Upstate Medical Community and prefer not to have it in their view when they exit their home.

Below you will find some links for apartment options in Syracuse and the surrounding suburbs. When choosing a place, please keep in mind that some of them include utilities, while others do not. This will affect your monthly rate, so choosing the cheapest apartment is not always your best option. Shop around and make sure to ask what is included so you can make an informed decision.

Some apartment suggestions that are based on the opinion of past residents, the personal experience of Deb Killian, and some of the current residents are

  • Kings Gate West—Camillus (Some past and current residents, including Dr. Knohl, have lived there and gave it great reviews)
  • Grenadier Village—Liverpool (This used to be the place to live close to highways, Onondaga Park and it's grounds are park-like)
  • Saddle Club Townhomes—Liverpool (Deb Killian used to live there very spacious, 2 parking spots outside kitchen door, washer/dryer hookup in basement, can be used as 3bdrm or 2 bdrm + nice size office)
  • Creekwalk Commons— Downtown Syracuse (Fully furnished apartment in close proximity with all local hospitals)

You should be familiar with Madison/Jefferson Towers, right across from the hospital, as this is discussed a lot on your interview day. It is the most popular choice among the house staff and students due to location, and a large majority of our current house staff live there.