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Cellular Phone Options

The main cellular phone carriers in the Upstate New York area are AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Each of them offer varying plans, phones, etc, and you will be provided many opinions on each when you ask around!! In the end, you will need to weigh what is most important to you.

Most of the carriers offer an employee discount if you use your “upstate.edu” email address when you sign up.

NOTE: We are currently in the process of attempting to negotiate a program with Verizon Wireless in which they will waive the “down-payment” that is usually associated with someone that has not already established a credit history or does not have a SSN (Social Security Number). We will provide updates as we get them.

Based on many reviews on the above 4 carriers, T-Mobile is the less preferred one due to call reception. While it may be the best option elsewhere, there tends to be more “dead zones” with this carrier than any other in this area.