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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I plan to be in Syracuse?

We are hosting a Welcome Lunch on Wednesday, June 20, 2012. Please make every effort to arrive in time to attend this function. It is suggested that you arrive in Syracuse at least a week in advance of that however, so you have time to settle in and enjoy Orientation Week.

Where should I park?

Parking information will be provided at Orientation. You may park in the Visitor Lot during Orientation. If you stop by the EPO (Educational Programs Office), Room 5138, University Hospital, we will provide parking tickets for you for the week of Orientation.

What is the dress code for Orientation?

Dress code for Orientation is casual. We want you to be comfortable as you will be doing a lot of sitting around and absorbing. Ties are not necessary. Jeans are fine. Keep in mind that we will be taking your picture on Wednesday, June 20th, so wear your favorite outfit!! Dress code for the Welcome Reception is more business casual. Dress code for the picnic is very casual… as it’s tough to play sports or throw water balloons when you are dressed up.

Is there any other paperwork you need from me?

As long as you complete all paperwork items that you have been instructed to complete from GME, you should be all set. You will be notified if anything is missing.

What do I need to do to process my NY State License?

You are not required to have a NY State License.

I need a letter verifying my employment, so I can buy a car/sign a lease for an apartment. How do I request a letter?

Use the form on Salary Verification Letter and fill in all necessary information. A letter will be generated for you.

Who do I need to notify if I change my address, email address or phone number?

Please make sure you notify the EPO (Deb Killian, Paula Campion, Sally Melton) and GME (Sue Henderson-Kendrick) of any changes to your contact information.

I am interested in contacting one of the current residents in the program. How do I go about getting their email or phone information?

Please email the EPO (Deb Killian, Paula Campion, Shanna Brown) with your contact information and the resident you are trying to reach. We will forward the information to them and ask them contact you. We do not give out contact information on any of our current residents without their permission.

I have a lot of questions, how can I get them answered?

Please direct your scheduling questions to the Chief Residents, and any other questions to Deb Killian via email at [email protected]