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Intern/Resident Schedule Information

The resident rotation, call and vacation schedules were developed to integrate the regulations of governing bodies, such as the American Board of Internal Medicine, the ACGME, the New York State Department of Health, and even Upstate Medical University's own Institutional Policies.

Our schedules strive to provide a comprehensive educational experience while maintaining a balanced and equitable program for all residents. As of July 2010, the Department of Medicine will utilize the newly designed "schedule tracks" to further ensure the most equitable distribution of work, while ensuring all requirements are being met for each level of training.

Annual Schedules by PGY Level

PGY-1 Requirements # of Weeks
Inpatient (UH and VA) 23
Outpatient Specialty/CC (optional for Prelims) 13
ICU (UH and Crouse) 6
Night Service (UH and VA) 4
Elective (Categorical) 5
Elective (Preliminary) 16

PGY-2 Requirements # of Weeks
Inpatient (UH and VA) 10
Outpatient Specialty/Continuity 13
ICU (UH) 8
Consultative Medicine 4
Admitting Service (UH) 2
Night Service (UH, VA and Crouse) 6
Acute Cardiac Care 2
Elective 7

PGY-3 Requirements # of Weeks
Inpatient (UH and VA) 8
Outpatient Specialty/Continuity 12
ICU (Crouse and VA) 6
Admitting Service 2
Night Service (UH and Crouse) 4
Emergency (Crouse) 2
Palliative Care 2
Quality/Systems 4
Elective 12

Ambulatory Care Schedule by PGY Level