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R-3 Residents

Mishaal Zia, MBBS

Mishaal Zia
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario & Karachi, Pakistan
Medical School: Dow University
Professional Interests: Academic medicine. Open to all sub-specialties right now. Would love to split my time and work internationally in underserved countries.
Personal Interests: Cooking, baking, exploring restaurants, traveling, watching tv, reading, going on walks, spending time with my husband and my family, playing with my cat.
Languages spoken, other than English: Urdu, little bit of French
What do you like about the residency program? The most appealing thing about this program was how supportive and friendly everyone seemed. Although interviews were online, it was very easy to gauge that the residents were truly happy at this program and got along so well with each other, despite it being such a big program. After starting residency, I’ve realized how approachable everyone is, including the faculty! They really care about our well-being and health here. Everyone is willing to teach, eager to help out - especially as a new intern when this can all feel very overwhelming. Also Upstate is a great academic program, offers high quality teaching, and has lots of fellowship opportunities. I feel I genuinely fit-in here really well, I’ve already made wonderful memories and genuine friendships. I can already see myself growing as not only a physician but also as an individual in the next 3 years. One big bonus is that it’s only a 3 hour drive away from my hometown!