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R-3 Residents

Nirali Shah, MD

Nirali Shah
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Medical School: St. George's University
Personal Interests: I really enjoy cooking, hiking, and exploring nature, travelling, and painting. During my free time, I like to spend time with family, and explore whatever city I am in!
Languages spoken, other than English: Gujarati, Hindi
What do you like about the residency program? All the way from my interview day up until now, everyone has been extremely welcoming and supportive. Being able to work at 3 different hospitals with very distinctive populations, train in a large academic center with numerous in-house fellowships, and work under the supervision and mentorship of very skilled and renowned attendings were some of the many reasons I chose SUNY Upstate! Futhermore, not only is the program leadership extremely organized, systematic, and approachable, but my colleagues are also very driven, enthusiastic, and come from different backgrounds. I am excited to train here and am privileged to be part of SUNY Upstate.