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Program Overview

Dr. Stephen Knohl discusses the Internal Medicine Program Overview in this short video

The Internal Medicine Residency Program created and maintains a guidebook, commonly referred to as the Policy Manual, which is a compilation of various rules and regulations pertaining to every aspect of the residency training program. This information is continually updated and reviewed for accuracy.

In addition to the rules and regulations, The Department of Medicine provides various benefits and educational resources for each resident. Residents receive the standard Upstate Medical University benefits for Graduate Medical Education trainees. Those include full health & dental plans, malpractice insurance, life insurance, and retirement options.

In addition, the Department of Medicine also offers the following:

Salaries for 2020-2021

  • PGY1—$55,177
  • PGY2—$59,329
  • PGY3—$62,086
  • PGY4—$64,630

Salaries for 2021-2021

  • PGY1—$56,263          
  • PGY2—$60,498
  • PGY3—$63,310
  • PGY4—$65,905

Vacation/Comp Time

4 weeks (20 working days) per year as an R1, R2, and R3.

Malpractice Insurance

Free of charge for all current and future claims through NYS Public Officers Law.

Health Insurance

Many options available, coverage begins 43rd day of employment.

Life Insurance

Two plans—total of $40,000 coverage at no cost.


The parking fee and your parking location will be determined prior to your start date and an assignment will be made during the week of orientation for those who require parking.


Meal money provided when on first call, lunch provided for noon report

Department Benefits

  • Free Copies
  • Resident Lounge
  • Department Library
  • $300 Annual Education Fund
  • Lab Coats: 2 coats provided at start of program, 1 additional coat provided each additional year of training
  • $300 annual manuscript award for first author manuscript acceptance
  • $1200 presentation fund annually for first author

Educational Programs Office

Relocation advice, referrals, INS/ECFMG Liaison, Dean's Office Liaison.