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Evaluation and communication are essential aspects in any educational program. These are particularly important in any practice-based learning experience, such as medicine.

Each resident's educational and professional development is tracked via several methods. Residents receive verbal feedback about their clinical performance from the attending physicians with whom they work. Residents, housestaff, and faculty utilize a web-based evaluation system to evaluate themselves, each other, and the clinical settings in which they interact.

Each member of the housestaff has a personal, biannual composite performance evaluation with the Program Director. During this one-on-one meeting, the resident's evaluations are reviewed, progress on procedural training is discussed, and progress toward career goals is assessed. The meeting enables the Program Director to ensure that residents are achieving the goals of the program, and it gives residents a venue to voice any concerns or satisfaction they may have with their progress, the program, or other matters.

Each resident and faculty member should take the time to review Evaluation and Feedback Advice, to get a better understanding of what is expected of them when providing and receiving feedback.

The following evaluation forms are utilized: