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Quality Conferences

April 3, 2014-"A Paradoxical Case of Sepsis"

Drs. Denzil Etienne and Ganesh Aswath


1.Understand the importance of learning from medical error using systems analysis
2.Discuss of pathophysiology
3.Identify sepsis effectively
4.Identify challenges in diagnosing sepsis in a patient with ESRD

February 6, 2014-"Symptomatic Hypoglycemia and the 72 Hour Fasting Protocol"

Drs. Samana Zaidi and Valerie Barta


1. Recognize the pathophysiology and differential diagnosis of hypoglycemia
2. Discuss the indications and define the protocol of the 72 hour fast
3. Interpret the 72 hour fasting protocol results
4. Improve the efficacy of our inpatient 72 hour fasting protocol admissions

December 5, 2013-"STEMI Time is Muscle"

Drs. Viren Kaul and Sumendra Joshi


1. Identify EKG changes in STEMI
2. Discuss the differential diagnosis of ST elevation
3. How to approach to chest pain in clinic: Red flags to identify
4. Identify biases in the approach to chest pain

November 7, 2013-"Calciphylaxis: Pain for All, What We Missed!"

Drs. Subhas Sitaula and Aiswerya Madanam Sampath


1. Review and apply a framework for system analysis
2. Discuss management of catheter related coagulase negative staphylococcus infection
3. Discuss pathophysiology, disease process and management of Calciphylaxis

October 10, 2013 - Complications of Central Venous Catheter Placement and Their Prevention

Drs. Sharon George and Veera Durga Panuganty


  1. Identify patient, provider and environmental risk factors, which contribute to difficult line placement
  2. Recognize major central line complications and be aware of potential means to mitigate adverse effects to patient safety
  3. Â Utilize transducers, blood gas analysis and radiology to accurately verify central line placement prior to use
  4. Utilize checklists during central line placement, and document guidewire removal
  5. Be prepared to discuss the impact of medical errors on "the second victim", and identify available resources for support

September 5, 2013 - Triage of DKA Patients

Drs. Omar Mousa and Navneet Kaur


  1. Discuss the management of DKA and its complications
  2. Discuss the triage of DKA: MICU vs. Floor

August 1, 2013 - Quality Conference

Drs. Gambhir, Harvir and Haseer Koya, Hayas


  1. To review and apply a framework for system analysis
  2. Discuss hemodynamic changes in patients with pulmonary embolism
  3. Discuss indications for thrombolysis
  4. Discuss methods of risk stratification of patients with pulmonary embolism

June 6, 2013 - Morbidity and Mortality

Drs. Arundeep Kahlon & Dona Varghese


  1. Discuss early recognition and management of sepsis
  2. Discuss the balance between resident autonomy and supervision
  3. Discuss strategies to improve patient care during transitions in care

May 2, 2013 - Too Much of a Good Thing

Drs. Dana Papatheodorou & Badal Kalamkar


  1. Case presentation
  2. Appropriate use of antibiotics
  3. Hospital procedure policies
  4. Moderate Sedation

April 4, 2013 - Lost in Translation

Drs Sicily Bradley & Colin Hardin


  1. Case presentation
  2. Communication of transfers
  3. Hypoglycemia and TPN in the ICU
  4. Discussing medical errors with patients and family members

February 7, 2013 - Sleeping Beauty: An Accidental Overdose

Drs. Bentley Maakar, MD & Sowmya Korapati, MBBS


  1. Discuss strategies to improve admission medication reconciliation
  2. Discuss the introduction of electronic medical records into the healthcare system
  3. Recognize polypharmacy in the elderly

January 3, 2013 - When Enough is Enough, Enough?

Drs. Emerald Rose Banas & Darren Farrington


  1. To review the diagnostic criteria for hepatorenal syndrome
  2. To discuss current guidelines on hepatorenal syndrome management
  3. To realize the role of futility assessment in current medical practice