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As part of the requisite clinical competency for passing the MSIII Clerkship, students are expected to demonstrate professionalism. Our expectations regarding professionalism are the same as the components enumerated in the Student Code of Conduct (Student Handbook 2005-2006) and are also consistent with guidelines established by the American Board of Internal Medicine ABIM Project Professionalism A Report from the ABIM 2001 p 33.

Professional behavior will be judged by consistent faculty evaluator comments regarding lack of professional behavior displayed by the student during the clerkship, with specific examples that fit the American Board of Internal Medicine descriptors of behavior which is unacceptable for meeting the standards of professionalism inherent in being a physician.

Unmet Professional Responsibility

  • Needs continual reminders about fulfilling responsibilities to patients and to their health care professionals
  • Cannot be relied upon to complete tasks
  • Misrepresents or falsifies actions and/or information, for example, regarding patients, laboratory tests, research data

Lack of Effort Toward Self-improvement and Adaptability

  • Is resistant or defensive in accepting criticism
  • Remains unaware of own inadequacies
  • Resists considering or making changes
  • Does not accept responsibility for errors or failure
  • Is overly critical/verbally abusive during times of stress
  • Demonstrates arrogance
  • Diminished relationships with patients and families
  • Lacks empathy and is often insensitive to patients' needs, feelings and wishes or to those of the family
  • Lacks rapport with patients and families
  • Displays inadequate commitment to honoring the wishes and wants of the patient

Diminished Relationships with Health Care Professionals

  • Demonstrates inability to function within a health care team
  • Lacks sensitivity to the needs, feelings and wishes of the health care team