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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I miss a call day or have too many absences, how can I make it up?

You can not make up a call day. If your team is on call, you are on call. If you miss a call day, it counts as a day and half missed. If you miss days for sickness or personal time, you can not make them up. If you miss more than three days, you will receive a conditional grade.

What if I cannot turn my write-up in on time?

If for any reason you cannot turn your write-up in at the assigned time, please call or e-mail Lisa Oliver ahead of time, and work out another arrangement for turning the write-up in. Do not wait until the day the write-up is due to ask for an extension, as your request will not be granted, and we will ask that you turn in what you have completed to be graded.

Do validation forms really matter?

Yes! As a requirement of the clerkship, each student must turn in one validation form which will accompany your write-up. We suggest you have the validation form completed and turned in prior to leaving your rotation or site.

Am I expected to work on a state holiday?

If, at the Medicine Clerkship Orientation, you have not been told that a specific day is declared a day off for the Medicine Clerkship, you are expected to follow the schedule of your team or site.

What is your policy on taking time off during the Clerkship?

We expect that students will not take any time off during their Medicine Clerkship. If you are sick or have a family emergency, please contact Lisa Oliver via email or phone 464-5370 (leave a voicemail if need be) and contact your team (or your site for ambulatory) to let them know that something has happened and you will not be in. This is a mandatory policy which must be followed.

The only exception is presenting at conferences. The clerkship permits 2 days of travel time and one day of conference attendance. Any days exceeding that are counted as missed days.

If you miss more than 3 days (missing a call day counts as a day and a half missed) you will receive an automatic conditional. There are no exceptions to this rule. Of the 3 days you are allowed to miss, only 1 of these can be planned. If you need to miss any planned time during the clerkship - your request must be submitted in advance of the clerkship starting to the Clerkship Administrator, outlining why you need to miss time, and why it is more important to miss time that to be taking care of your patients.

How subjective is the grading for the Medicine Clerkship?

Your grade is calculated based on following components: the write-ups; the NBME exam; standardized patient exam and write-up; EKG quiz; professionalism paper and clinical evaluations. Although any individual evaluation may represent a subjective component, the influence of any one preceptor is mitigated by the large number (8-14) of evaluations per student. No single individual determines a students grade.

How do I see my clinical evaluations?

Log onto E*Value. You will receive an email giving you your login information. If you forget your login, click on the forget your login information link on the front page of the site and it will prompt you. The system is set up so that you can not see any evaluations until you have at least 3 evaluations.