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Hints for Success in Medical Clerkship


  • Do participate to get the most out of the experience and from your teachers.
  • Get involved, work hard. What you get out of it greatly depends on what you put into it.
  • Do use the cases discussed in the lecture series to pace your general clerkship reading.
  • Do be honest about what you know and don't know.
  • Do maintain patient confidentiality.
  • Do act professionally.
  • Do remember to launder your white coat.
  • Do call us if you are having a problem or concern.
  • Do enjoy yourself; medicine is great fun!


  • Don't be late.
  • Don't ask for vacation during clerkship.
  • Don't bring coffee into a patient's room on rounds.
  • Don't assume everyone else knows what you don't (they usually don't).
  • Don't spend more than 11.5 hours in preparation for each one hour case discussion.
  • Don't confabulate.

Other Resource For Success