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Goals of the Internal Medicine Clerkship

  1. To learn a comprehensive, as well as a focused, approach to the evaluation and care of the adult medical patient.
  2. To acquire basic knowledge in the discipline of Internal Medicine, including diagnosis, therapy, and prevention.
  3. To improve skills in the following:
    • Taking a history and performing a physical exam
    • Generating a problem list and prioritizing its components
    • Developing a patient-physician relationship (communication, partnership, education)
    • Developing productive working relationships with colleagues and other health care workers
    • Medical communications (oral presentations, written medical record including complete histories and physical exams, progress notes, problem lists, flow charts, etc.)
  4. To learn how to generate a differential diagnosis and how to use it in the evaluation of symptoms and findings.
  5. To integrate logic and problem-solving skills with an increasing knowledge base.
  6. To develop and/or apply skills in self-directed learning.