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Emergency Department Rotation

SUNY Upstate medical students, during their 12-week Medicine clerkship will be required to spend two weeks in Emergency Medicine.

  • The student will be responsible for taking histories and physicals on various Emergency Department patients and to present (Report) this data to the resident or attending.
  • The student should Interpret this data and formulate a differential diagnosis and problem list for the resident or attending.
  • The student should help Manage the patient by offering diagnostic and/or therapeutic treatment plans.
  • The student should actively seek patients to follow and should see a wide variety of patients but also make attempts to identify patients with Internal Medicine related chief complaints especially related to the main training problems


  • Introduce the student to the specialty and practice of Emergency Medicine.
  • To utilize patient interview and examination skills in an acute care setting, with undifferentiated group of patient complaints.
  • Develop appropriate assessment, differential diagnosis, and an action plan for patients presenting based on initial signs and symptoms of acute illness or disease.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the two week rotation you will be able to:

  • Refine the initial complaint focused assessment in the undifferentiated patient who presents to the Emergency Department.
  • Unrelated differential diagnosis for Emergency Department patients, with identification of life threatening conditions.
  • Be able to document pertinent positive and negative findings from history and physical examination in an Emergency Department patient.
  • Interpret initial laboratory and radiology data for Emergency Department patients.
  • Perform select procedures under the supervision of Emergency Department nurses, faculty and residents.
  • For simulation, address common life threatening conditions in an orderly manner.

Schedule of Activities

The two-week rotation will include exposure to Emergency Medicine didactic presentations, simulation exercises, Emergency Department clinical experience, and follow up of selected Emergency Department patients. Students will be assigned to a faculty and/or senior resident during Emergency Department shifts. A minimum of 6 eight hours shifts will be available for each student, with opportunities as desired by the student for either overnight shifts or extra shifts. Additionally there will be a 4-hour nursing procedures shift. This is a unique opportunity for you during your medical education to practice important procedures such as blood draws, foley catheter placement or splinting, and to better understand the role that nurses play in the Emergency Department.















NS 11a-3p

VA 7a-3p

UH 12p-8p

UH mn-8am







UH 8a-4p



UH 12p-8p

Case Discussion/ACLS WrapUp





UH 4p-mn

Didactic activities

Once during each week, the students will participate in a simulation activity designed specifically for the MSIII Medicine Clerkship. In addition they may avail themselves of other simulation activity that are appropriate, as part of the MSIV student elective or resident educational activities in the department. Students would also be able to attend the AI didactic series as well as weekly resident education didactic sessions.

Follow-Up Rounds

At the completion of the two weeks, an Emergency Medicine faculty will round with the students and follow-up on selected patients that they have seen and admitted to University Hospital during their previous Emergency Department shifts.


Advanced Cardiopulmonary Life Support (ACLS) The students will be trained in advanced life support during the Emergency Medicine two week rotation. The training will be provided by the department of Emergency Medicine per the ACLS guidelines The student will be ACLS certified after completion of this course.