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Rafael Schulman

Rafael Schulman

[email protected]

Department: Neuroscience/Physiology
Advisor: Frank Middleton, PhD

Student Profile:

I grew up in New York City, a city built of steel and pavement but defined by the vibrant life that thrives within it. During high school I became fascinated by the natural dynamics that shape this social world, from ant hills to pigeon flocks to punk rock bands. I attended SUNY Binghamton, drawn by their EvoS program, which applies the study of evolutionary dynamics to biology, physics, the humanities, and more. In my first year at Binghamton I was introduced to the research laboratory environment by Professor Anne Clark, whose animal behavior lab specializes in crows and their complex interactions. With the help of Dr. Clark, as well as other generous mentors at Binghamton, I continued to develop myself as a researcher throughout my time as an undergraduate. After graduation, I trained as a bioinformatician in the lab of Dr. Dan Landau, jointly affiliated at the New York Genome Center and Weill Cornell Medicine. Dr. Landau's lab focuses on understanding cancer as an evolving population of cells, developing novel tools to study and treat this disease process. In this period, I had the opportunity to work alongside physicians and meet some of the patients they treat. These patients and their stories influenced me to pursue training as a physician scientist.