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Shervin Razavi

Shervin Razavi

[email protected]

Department: Neuroscience
Advisor: Jonathan Hess, PhD

Student Profile:

I joined the MD-PhD program at Upstate in 2021 after graduating from the University of Vermont with a degree in mathematics and biology. I am passionate about the symbiosis of computational sciences and medicine and hope to be an innovative leader in this intersection.

I have a broad interest in projects tackling common problems from a novel and interdisciplinary angle. My honors thesis titled 'Climate change adaptability: A computational and experimental analysis of the primary and secondary functions of Drosophila alcohol dehydrogenase in the ethanol metabolism pathway' is an interdisciplinary attempt to understand the biochemical basis of the global distribution of the allelic variations of a highly investigated enzyme. At my time in Vermont, I led the Smart Farm initiative at the University of Vermont. Funded by the Catamount Innovation Fund, this initiative focuses on developing novel pest management strategies through the usage of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, drone technology, infrared sensors and GIS mapping. My team includes faculty members and graduate students in multiple departments at the University of Vermont.

I chose Upstate because of the experience I had during my interview day. Doctor Dhamoon and the senior students were all supportive and excited to have the new students and mentor them into becoming future physician-scientists.

When I'm not bogging my professors with ambitious, yet unlikely, ideas, you can find me playing soccer, learning the guitar, and over-philosophizing things.




Latino Medical Association, Refugee Healthcare Club, Sustainability and Environmental Justice Club, Co-founder of the Upstate Innovation Incubator