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Tyler Paul

Tyler Paul

[email protected]

Department: Cell & Developmental Biology
Advisor: Mira Krendel, PhD

Student Profile:

I gained admission into the upstate COM program in 2020. While studying medicine during the height of a pandemic, I realized that my education would not be comprehensive enough to allow me to succeed in truly helping my patients in the future when other dire situations may emerge. To me, the combined knowledge of the scientific method, nuances of the basic sciences, and clinical medicine is necessary to produce true experts in their fields and brings the best chance of greatly improving the lives of all our patients. I applied for the MD/PhD program during my MS1 year and was awarded admission in early 2021.I chose Upstate because it has a very cooperation centric environment that is a refreshing change from the cutthroat competition model of teaching medicine. I believe this approach produces a better cohort of physicians that are able to work cohesively in any team they may be apart of. My research interests are many; general topics include: the effect of various medications/chronic diseases on wound healing and repair, Novel drug targets for cancer chemotherapy, and future uses for stem cells in various chronic and acute pathologies. I did not grow up in Syracuse, but it has become the place I have lived the longsest in my life. I enjoy the mild summers and ability to participate in winter sports. Syracuse also provides a unique perspective to its citizens as it is a city that has a great amount of potential, and although its history is long, it is in the beginning of a new growth phase. Outside of study, I enjoy playing a variety of sports, training in various martial arts, fishing, and reading science fiction novels.