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Samuel Garrard

Samuel Garrard

[email protected]

Department: undecided
Advisor: undecided

Student Profile:

I joined the SUNY Upstate MD/PhD program in 2022 and am thrilled to be a part of the program. Originally from Utah, I received my BS in Biochemistry from Brigham Young University and was a 2018-2019 Beckman Scholar. After graduating from BYU, I worked as a research assistant in the Michael Rogers laboratory at Boston Children's Hospital, studying endometriosis. My dual passions for clinical work and basic biology motivated me to pursue a career as a physician scientist and to apply to the Upstate MD/PhD program.

I chose to study at Upstate because of its strong track record in medical education, its top-notch clinical facilities, and the broad range of research topics studied here. I had not decided on a preferred research area or specialty when I began the program, so I wanted to study at an institution that could help me prepare for whichever specialty I chose.

I hope to become a true physician-scientist, incorporating both patient care and translational research focused on my patients into my daily work. I am also passionate about providing increased access to medical care, improving healthcare literacy and decreasing healthcare discrimination against underserved populations. In my free time I enjoy hiking, woodworking and community service.