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Akshay Patel

Akshay Patel


Department: undecided
Advisor: undecided

Research Interests

Like JD from Scrubs, I have a vivid imagination that I usually use to get me out of boredom (this happens quite frequently). The MD/PhD program at Upstate catered to my exact needs, both professionally and recreationally. By seeing patients as a physician and going to the lab to answer science’s unanswered questions, I could not only treat diseases in a direct manner and contribute to the growing body of knowledge in the biomedical sciences, but I could also just…avoid being bored. While pursuing a BS and an MS in biology at Villanova University, I never encountered a dull moment in the biomedical sciences. I knew that coming to Upstate would allow me to blossom into the physician scientist I was determined to be, while also keeping me engaged to the scientific world around me.

I’m currently in my first rotation in the lab of Dr. Perl. Dr. Perl’s lab looks at a wide variety of topics related to autoimmunity, but I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do this summer. Though my thesis project at Villanova revolved around cancer immunology/cell biology, I have always had a fascination with the neurosciences and autoimmunity. I’m hoping to explore autoimmunity on a neuroscientific level (either in my lab rotation, as a career choice, or both), and I’m sure my time in Dr. Perl’s lab will help to cultivate my interest in the field even further.

In my “free time,” I enjoy binging on recently-cancelled TV shows (just finished The Office [10/10 great show] and I just started Season 8 of Scrubs), obsessing over my car (sometimes I drink my morning coffee while staring at my car; it keeps me grounded [my car not the coffee]), PC gaming, and consuming large amounts of information while watching YouTube videos. I used to be a huge film snob, but that has slowed down a bit. I recently invested in a record player, so I’ll be working on expanding my record collection. I’m also trying to teach myself how to play the drums and the piano, but that’s a work in progress…

I’m excited to start my journey at Upstate, and I’m eager to see what the future has in store for me here!