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Christine Ly

Christine Ly


Department: undecided
Advisor: undecided

Research Interests

Christine Ly was born and raised in New York City. She was always interested in the field of medicine and eventually found her passion for research. During her later years of high school, she worked with Dr. Audrey Bernstein in her corneal wound healing lab at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Through this experience, Christine learned the basics of scientific research and, with the encouragement of Dr. Bernstein, began to consider the MD/PhD career path. Although she enjoyed the city life, Christine thought it was time for a change and moved to Upstate, New York to pursue her undergraduate degree, welcoming the snowier weather.

At Cornell University, Christine continued to develop her interest in medicine through her studies. She also worked with Dr. Natasza Kurpios on understanding the development of the gut in chicken embryos. After graduating in May of 2014, Christine started the dual degree MD/PhD program at SUNY Upstate Medical University. She was attracted to the friendliness of everyone at the school and thought it to be very fitting. Christine is currently a second year medical student. Her current research interest lie in ophthalmology and diabetes, having worked with Dr. Michael Zuber and Dr. Michael Roe, respectively, at Upstate.

Christine is enjoying her time in Syracuse, hanging out with friends and exploring other parts of New York State. She has fun walking and biking around Onondaga Lake Park, engulfing the breathtaking view of the lake. During her free time, she likes to play violin, especially with other musicians. Through Music at Upstate, she connected with other students to form a string quartet, performing at various events. This summer, she had a blast going white water rafting for the first time in Watertown, NY, which is about an hour north of Syracuse. She also likes to bake and eat sweets!