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Michael Garone

Michael Garone


Department: undecided
Advisor: undecided

Research Interests

As an undergraduate at SUNY Geneseo, I conducted research in both academia and industry. I also volunteered as an EMT for the local fire department and EMS agency. From these experiences, I learned that I truly enjoyed scientific research as well as direct patient care. After graduating from Geneseo, I worked as a lab Research Associate for a pharmaceutical company. It was this experience---coupled with my previous exposure to research and EMS---that sparked my desire to pursue a career that would allow me to both conduct research and treat patients.

I was accepted into the MD/PhD program as an internal applicant after having completed my first year of medical school at Upstate in 2016. Many of the reasons why I chose to apply to Upstate for medical school overlap with the reasons why I chose to apply internally to its MD/PhD program. Upstate offers a compelling and in-depth curriculum with dedicated faculty who truly care about their students. In addition, I have found that Upstate provides a supportive research environment, access to cutting edge technologies and a plethora of research areas to pursue.

Research Interests: I am mainly interested in research connected to the role of myosin 1e and other slit diaphragm associated proteins in the development of chronic kidney disease.