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Current Students

Eric Barnett

Eric Barnett


Department: undecided
Advisor: undecided

Research Interests

My interest in MD/PhD programs stemmed from my desire to conduct medical research that could be readily transferred outside the laboratory and improve patient care. I find research to be most interesting and engaging when focused towards achieving important medical advancements. Upon visiting Upstate, I knew the program would be a great fit for me due to the relatively small size of the program, which allows for a more individualized education, and also the welcoming and innovative students and faculty. An added bonus was the location of Upstate in Syracuse that merges the benefits of city life with the ability to live and quickly commute in from a less urban residence. Outside of the lab, classroom, and clinic, I enjoy playing basketball, tennis, skiing, and playing outside with my dog, which is all easy to do in and around Syracuse.

I’m currently interested in using bioinformatics as a diagnostic tool in complex disorders. With current technologies, such as microarrays and deep sequencing, the scientific community has access to an unprecedented amount of genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic data. Using this vast amount of data to enhance diagnostics for complex disorders may allow for early detection and/or increase diagnostic confidence, which would greatly benefit both patients and researchers.