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Current Students

Chris Bartlow

Chris Bartlow

PhD (1st year)

Department: N/A
Advisor: N/A

Research Interests

I am from Muncy, Pa, and I started at Upstate's MD/PhD program in 2013. I chose to pursue a dual degree because I am very interested in both the clinical and research sides of medicine. This program will give me all the information and experience to become a well-rounded clinician and researcher at the same time. Specifically I am interested in orthopedic research, it has a great balance of developmental biology and biomechanics. My current research is looking at the changes bone morphology, bone mechanical properties, and bone material properties in mice exposed to radiation and/or treated with parathyroid hormone or bisphosphonates.

I chose Upstate because of the friendly and laid back atmosphere of both the school and the city. In my spare time I enjoy fly-fishing, camping, golfing, and skiing. A short 30-minute drive north of Syracuse puts you on a world-class steelhead and Salmon River in the town Pulaski, but there are also many trout streams located in and around the city of Syracuse. Similarly, any golfer has to love the huge number of local courses in Syracuse with some of the cheapest rates in the country. Overall as person with many outdoor hobbies, the area keeps me entertained throughout all four seasons.