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Stipends and Fees


All MD/PhD students receive a full-tuition waiver and a competitive 12-month stipend of $32,000.

Syracuse Costs Less

To give you an idea how reasonable the cost of living is in Syracuse, we calculated how much you would need to earn in 12 cities with major biomedical research centers to equal our stipend here. These calculations assume you are renting, not owning a home. If you earn $27,121 living in Syracuse, you would need to earn:

  • $31,665 in Baltimore
  • $40,508 in Boston
  • $41,210 in D.C.
  • $32,620 in Chicago
  • $39,385 in Los Angeles
  • $34,387 in New Haven
  • $63,836 in Manhattan
  • $33,546 in Philadelphia
  • $49,519 in San Francisco
  • $39,385 in Seattle
  • $30,374 in Minneapolis

MD/PhD students become part of the SUNY Graduate Student Employees Union, which provides periodic and automatic increases in stipend awards in addition to other benefits including a low-cost health care package.

Miscellaneous Costs

Annual Fees

The following fees are charged annually to all students. Some students may pay additional fees depending on their program and year of study.

Activities Fee $ 180
Health Services Fee 309
Disability Insurance Fee 65
SUNY College Fee 25
Technology Fee 276

College of Medicine
NOTE : US Medical Licensing Examination application fee (excluding the MPH Program):

  1. Step 1 (at the end of the MS 2 year) - $525.00
  2. Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (MS 4 year) - $790.00
  3. Step 2 Clinical Skills (MS 4 year) - $1,645.00
Books and Supplies

Costs for books and supplies vary by program and range from approximately $1,000 to $1,300 per year.

College of Medicine

  1. Diagnostic equipment for first year students estimated cost $952.00.
  2. Microscope rental for first and second year students $60.00.
Living Expenses

We estimate monthly living expenses for students to be:

Room & Utilities (per month) $ 1,000
Food (per month) $490
Personal (per month) $200
Travel (per month) $200
Students receiving a stipend are eligible for the Graduate Student Employee Health Insurance Program. A comprehensive health benefits package includes: coverage for medical services; hospitalization; prescription drugs; and mental health, dental and eye care. The cost for the plan, $16.76 biweekly for enrollee and $104.58 biweekly for family, is deducted from the stipend check.