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15 Great Reasons to Choose Upstate

Student Profile:

Sam LaMagna

"I joined the MD/PhD program at Upstate in 2017. I am a graduate of Queens College CUNY, " View more...

Our basic science research shares a common goal: to better understand the human body and disease.

Most of the basic science research at SUNY Upstate is conducted through the College of Graduate Studies. Our multi-disciplinary approach targets the illnesses that affect the most people: cancer; infectious disease; diabetes, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease; and diseases of the nervous system. Research in these areas represents three-fourths of SUNY Upstate's total research funding.

MD/PhD students receive their PhD degree through one of five basic science departments:

Our students have also completed their PhD in departments such as Urology, Rheumatology, and Orthopedics. Though most students and faculty are affiliated with one department, our multi-disciplinary philosophy means student's research often crosses departmental lines.

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