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MD/PhD Grand Rounds

The MD/PhD Grand Rounds course is required for all MD/PhD students. The course runs during the academic year (September through May) throughout all years of training. It meets bi-weekly on Wednesday from 5-6:30. Student participation and credits vary upon stage of training (see table of credits). MD/PhD Students are eligible to apply up to 9 credits from the Grand Rounds Course towards College of Medicine Elective credits. Credits earned for Grand Rounds course and Research Elective Credits can not exceed 12 out of the required 25 College of Medicine Elective Credits.

Course Assignments

  1. MSI-MSII Students –Attend the Grand Rounds Seminar, read assigned papers for each session, and participate in the discussion as much as possible. The first Grand Rounds each year is dedicated to the MSI and MSII students discussing their summer research rotations and projects – just 10-15 minute presentations by each student. Each month, September through April, there will be a one-page ‘News and Views’ summary due to the Program Coordinator one week after the date of the Grand Rounds presentation. These summaries will include a review of the assigned paper and of the presentation given. These will be peer-reviewed and returned with feedback.
  2. Student working on the PhD portion of their MD/PhD degree (Years 3-6)

    a) Spend 4-8 clinical hours per month shadowing a clinical mentor. Based on each month’s clinical experience, students will submit a detailed write-up that describes a clinical case, the pathophysiology of disease, pertinent pharmacology, etc. These write-ups should summarize recent advances or gaps in knowledge related to the specific disease. The course runs during the academic year, September through April.One write-up is due each month, totaling eight months. The write-up is due within one week from students seeing the case they choose to write about. The clinical mentor will review each month’s write-up and provide feedback to the student.

    Write-Up Heading:
    Student's Name
    Mentor's Name
    Case #
    Date the case was seen

    b) You must review and give feedback for likely one MS1/MS2 News and Views case each month from September-April.

    c) Once per year, each student will present one of his or her clinical cases as a Grand Rounds Seminar. They must discuss the chosen case within the context of the basic, clinical, and translational research issues discussed in the relevant case. The student presenter is also responsible for assigning relevant background paper(s) for their Grand Rounds seminar and facilitates discussion among the group. The mentor presents the state of the art with respect to the diagnosis of the presented patient. The selected cutting edge article must be a paradigm-shifting comprehensive study with relevance for the pathogenesis, diagnosis, or treatment of the case discussed. The student receives feedback via a standardized checklist.

    i)     Grand Rounds Presentation Format

           (1)  Case presentation by student – 15 minutes, 3 minutes for questions

           (2)  Mentor presentation  - 15 minutes, 3 minutes for questions

           (3)  Cutting edge paper presentation by student -
                 15 minutes, 3 minutes for questions

  3. MSIII-MSIV Students –

    a)    Submit and publish a case report, case series, or contribute to a peer-reviewed clinical paper within these two years.

    b)    Present one Grand Rounds Seminar in the MSIII and MSIV years using the guidelines as above.

Grading – Pass/Fail

Credits for MD/PhD Course by Year of Training

Grand Rounds Lecture Hours News and Views Paper Hours Shadowing Hours Case Write Up Hours and Case Presentation Present Grand Rounds Hours Credits Received Total Hours
MS1 15 5 0 0 0 0 20
MS2 15 5 0 0 0 0 20
PhD1 15 48 17 4 2 84
PhD2 15 48 17 4 2 84
PhD3 15 48 17 4 2 84
PhD4 15 48 17 4 2 84
MS3 15 0 9 4 .5 26
MS4 15 0 9 4 .5 26
9 342