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MD/PhD Grand Rounds

The MD/PhD Grand Rounds course is required for all MD/PhD students. The course runs during the academic year (September through May) throughout all years of training. It meets weekly on Thursday evenings. Student participation and credits vary upon stage of training (see table of credits). MD/PhD Students are eligible to apply up to 9 credits from the Grand Rounds Course towards College of Medicine Elective credits. Credits earned for Grand Rounds course and Research Elective Credits can not exceed 12 out of the required 25 College of Medicine Elective Credits.

Course Expectations by Year

MSI-MSII Students (Years 1 and 2)- Attend the Grand Rounds seminar weekly, present at least once, provide feedback to presenters each week and participate in discussion. The first Grand Round seessions each year are dedicated to the MSI and MSII students. They will discuss their summer research rotations and projects. 
Student working on the PhD portion of their MD/PhD degree (Years 3-6)
a) Spend 4-8 clinical hours per month shadowing a clinical mentor. Based on each month’s clinical experience, students will submit a clincal note. The clincal mentorship runs during the academic year, September through April. One clinical notes is due each month, totaling eight months. The clinical mentor will review the notes and student progress and provide feedback to the student.
b) Once per year, each student will present on an assigned case-study from the New England Journal of Medicine. They must discuss the case within the context of the basic, clinical, and translational research issues discussed in the relevant case. The student presenter is also responsible for facilitating discussion among the group. The selected articles are paradigm-shifting comprehensive studies with relevance for the pathogenesis, diagnosis, or treatment of the case discussed. The student receives feedback following each presentaiton from the audience and the program director. 
MSIII-MSIV Students (Years 7 and 8)- Prepare and give a Captstone Discussion-type Presentation for Grand Rounds seminar during the MSIV year, based on a relevent topic of choice. Some discussion are of lessons learned over the eight years, others are of basic science projects or a cutting edge concept that is going to be the "next big thing." They can even be is purely clinical, if prefered. Whatever topic is chosen, it is always inspiring to hear about our almost-graduates' different and unique passions. 

Grading – Pass/Fail