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Recent Upstate MD/PhD Alumni

Graduates of Upstate's MD/PhD program have found success as physician-scientists in prestigious academic medical centers and hospitals. Above are three of our recent alumni and below is an accompanying list of MD/PhD graduates from the past few years who have gone on to residencies and fellowships.

2020 Graduates

Rebecca Sager
Upstate Medical University  
Urology Resident 

Adam Blanden 
Upstate Medical University
Neurology Resident 

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2019 Graduates

Karen Howard
University of Iowa
Emergency Medicine Resident (inaugural PSTP)

Dawn Lammert
Johns Hopkins
Child Neurology Resident 

Scott Minchenberg
Beth Isreal Deaconess / Harvard University 
Internal Medicine Resident 

Daniel Tylee
Yale University 
Psychiatry (research track)

2018 Graduates

Zachary Oaks
University of North Carolina 
Oncology Resident 

2017 Graduates

Darin Dolezal 
Yale University 
Pathology Resident 

Matthew Gumbleton 
University of Utah
Internal Medicine Resident 

Ryan O'Dell
Yale University 
Psychiatry Resident

2015 Graduates

Adeseye Adekeye
North Dakota
Surgical Resident

Samuel Mackenzie
University of Michigan
Pediatric Neurology Resident

Eric Wohlford
University of California, San Diego
Pediatric Resident

2014 Graduates

Ivayla Geneva
Upstate Medical University
Internal Medicine Resident 

Petya Radoeva
University of Washington
Psychiatry Resident

Tiffany Caza (Telarico)
Upstate Medical University
Pathology Resident

2013 Graduates

Rene Choi
Moran Eye Center - University of Utah
Opthamology Resident

Jacqueline Guterman
Detroit Medical Center- Wayne State
OB/GYN Resident