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Value Analysis



The Value Analysis Program will provide a framework in which                              
members of the University Hospital community may gain access
to new products and equipment, and by which currently utilized
products and equipment may be reviewed. The goal of this program
is to ensure products and equipment meet the requirements for providing
quality patient care while supporting product standardizationProduct Request Form and cost- containment initiatives of the institution.


Product Notification List 






January 2024 BD Ultra Touch Vacutainer Replacement  53802, 53804 & 53806 BD Ultra Touch Replacement
January 2024 Sound Amplifier Discontinued  Sound Amplifier Discontinued
January 2024 Femoral/Axillary/Subclavian Arterial Line New Product 60173 Femoral/Axillary/Subclavian Arterial Line
December 2023 Edwards Swan-Ganz Catheter Backorder 61138 Edwards Swan-Ganz Catheter Backorder
December 2023 Peds/Adult Isolator Yellow Top Discontinuation & Replacement  13500 & 13505 Peds/Adult Isolator Yellow Top Product Replacement
December 2023 Sage PrimoFit Changing to PrimoFit+ Product Change 51926 Sage PrimoFit Changing to PrimoFit+
November 2023 Remedy's Skin Care Line Update  61161, 61159 & 61160 Remedy's Skin Care Line Updates
November 2023 Raumedic to Replace Camino/ Phasor Drill to Replace Cranial Access Kit Replacements  Raumedic and Phasor Drill Replacements
November 2023 Pink Tube notice 2ML to 4ML  Substitute 30330 2ML Pink Tube Notice
November 2023 Safety Insulin Syringe 30G Backorder & Substitute  61479 PEDS 30G Insulin Syringe sub
November 2023 Ensure Plus High Protein Vanilla and Strawberry Backorder 61456 & 61458 Ensure Plus High Protein Backorder
October 2023 ETCO2 Phillips Packing & Product Update 61491 ETCO2 Phillips Packing and Product
October 2023 Compound Benzoion Tincture Substitute  60086 Compound Benzoin Tincture sub
October 2023 Two Cal HN RTH  Backorder 61377 Two Cal HN RTH on Backorder and Replacement
September 2023 Pediatric Warming Blanket/Bair Hugger Replacement 51519 Pediatric Warming Blanket/Bair Hugger Replacement
September 2023 Thopaz Canister Backorder TOO13103 Thopaz Canister Backorder
August 2023 Tongue/Bite Stick Depressor Replacement 52482 Tongue/Bite Stick Depressor Replacement
April 2023 Medtronic Shiley Tracheostomy Tube Recall/Backorder 54648 & 54625 Shiley Tracheostomy Tube Recall/Backorder
April 2023 BD MaxZero Clave  Product Trial Clave Stack Trial
March 2023 Thopaz Single Tubing Set  Backorder TOO13104 Thopaz Single Tubing Set
March 2023 Sterile Water for Irrigation 500ml Backorder 24302 Sterile Water for Irrigation 500ml
March 2023 VITAL AF 1.2 Cal Backorder 17021 VITAL AF 1.2 Cal on Backorder
March 2023 PIVOT 1.5 Cal  Backorder 16995 PIVOT 1.5 Cal on Backorder
March 2023 Hibiclens 4% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Packets  Product Change 12518 Hibiclens 4% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Packets
March 2023 30gx 1.5mm Pressure Activated Safety Lancet Supplier Change 76141 30g x 1.5mm Pressure Activated Safety Lancet
February 2023 Aloe Vesta 3 Protect Discontinuation & Replacement  61162 Aloe Vesta 3 Protect
February 2023 Nexiva 20g 1in Catheter Backorder 51859 Nexiva 20g 1in Catheter
January 2023 Communicator Face Mask  Discontinuation & Replacement  99411 Communicator Face Mask
January 2023 StatLock Nasogas Backorder 61178 StatLock Nasogas
January 2023 SMS Isolation Gown Product Change 71314 SMS Isolation Gown
January 2023 Red Top Vacutainer Tube Product Change

30305 Discontinued

Use 30292

Red Top Vacutainer 6ml vs 4ml
November 2022 Arrow QuickFlash Radial Artery Backorder 51647 Arrow Quick Flash
November 2022 Verathon Glide Scope MacS3 Blade


61880 Verathon Glide Scope
October 2022 Steri-Drape Notification Notification 54080 & 54083 Steri Drape

October 2022

K-Pad Product Change Product Change 60191 & 60162 K-Pad

October 2022

Foley Catheter Tray

Backorder 54445 Foley Cath Tray

August 2022

Hollister AnchorFast ETT Fastener Notification 54535 ETT Fastner
August 2022 BD14gx1x88in IV Catheter Backorder 51854 BD 14gx1.88in
August 2022 Salem Sump 10frx36 in Tube Backorder 54585 Salem Sump

August 2022

HuberPlus Discontinued Discontinuation & Replacement Multiple Miniloc
August 2022 Pediatric Ambu Bag Backorder 54765 Ped Ambu Bag
August 2022 22G Lumbar Puncture Tray Backorder 54477 Lumbar Tray
August 2022 Baxter Secondary Tubing Product Notice 23144 Secondary Tubing
August 2022 Nexiva 20G 1.25 Clave Backorder 51854 Nexiva 20gx1.25in