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Supply Chain Management

This site provides information on the various services provided through Supply Chain Management, along with news on purchasing-related matters.

Directory of Administration

Contact Department Phone Email
Stephanie Shattuck Associate Administrator for Support Services 315-464-2586 [email protected]
Ken Baker Director of Supply Chain Analytics and Systems 315-464-2427 [email protected] 
Terri Fredericks Director of OR Materials  315-464-2890 [email protected]
Kelly Hartman Director of Hospital Purchasing  315-464-2400 [email protected]
Colleen Lupia Director of Value Analysis and Quality 315-766-8426 [email protected]
Carissa McNeilly Director of the Supply Chain Distribution Center 315-464-2432 [email protected] 
Donald Sadeckas Director of Distribution, Receiving and Mailroom  315-464-6421 [email protected]
Kristin Wright Director of Centralized Patient Services 315-464-6440 [email protected] 
Support Staff
Samantha Maas Administrative Assistant to Supply Chain Management  315-464-6039 [email protected] 

Components of Supply Chain Management

  • Hospital Purchasing
    Hospital Purchasing is responsible for procuring the supplies, equipment and services used throughout the facility. We work with our customers to determine needs, identify suppliers and agree on delivery or inventory options.
  • Lawson System
    Lawson is the software used to run the Supply Chain Information System (SCIS) for hospital purchasing and inventory activities. Lawson integrates the functions of requisitioning, purchasing, receiving and inventory control for all of the user departments.
  • O.R. Materials
    O.R. Materials provides med/surg supplies for the operating rooms, anesthesia and sterile processing areas in both Downtown and Community Hospital locations.
  • Supply Chain Distribution Center- SCDC
    The Supply Chain Distribution Center is located at 160 Ainsley Drive, approximately 3.8 miles from the campus. All SCDC orders are filled and delivered from the warehouse.
  • Central Receiving
    Central Receiving is located at the Campus West Building (CWB) on the campus. All requisition orders for the hospital, campus and research purchasing departments are received and delivered from here.
  • Central Distribution
    Central Distribution stocks patient care units with med/surg supplies on a daily basis. In addition they manage the emergency cart exchange system for the hospital.
  • Supply Chain Analytics & Systems
    Supply Chain Analytics & Systems provides analytic support and analysis of inventory levels, consumption demands, and supply chain data. This team also provides oversight, maintenance and support to Lawson products and Cobblestone. 
  • UHCC Materials Management
    UHCC Materials Management stocks patient care units with med/surg supplies on a daily basis. In addition they provide courier service between the hospital and UHCC for transfer of medical records and supplies as needed. Linen service and receiving are also functions of the UHCC Materials Dept.
  • Value Analysis Program
    Through an organized process, the Value Analysis Program is responsible to oversee the evaluation and acceptance/rejection of new and existing products and equipment.