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Central Distribution

Central Distribution seeks to ensure that, whenever possible, Patient Care units have the medical supplies and equipment they need, when they are needed, and that special patient care needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Central Distribution provides med/surg supplies in quantities smaller than available from Central Stores which delivers bulk (by the case) supplies. Many items are available from both areas depending on the quantities needed on a daily basis.

Contact Phone Fax
Don Sadeckas, Director Equipment and Supply Logistics 315 464-6421 315 464-8399
Tyler Fogus, Day Shift Manager 315 464-6443 315 464-6442
Sandra Bassett, Evening Shift Manager 315 464-6346 315 464-6442
Charles Johnstone, Night Shift Manager 315 464-6441 315 464-6442
Yvonne Goodman, OmniCell/Supply Storage Manager 315 464-6429 315 464-6442
Distribution Main Number 315 464-4248 315 464-6442