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Upstate pathologist Rohin Mehta, MD, left, and student Alexandra Tatarian help patients understand a cancer diagnosis.

Pathologist helps patients understand complexities of a cancer finding

Pathologists prepare lab reports but generally do not meet with patients. Pathologist Rohin Mehta, MD, however, offers consultations with patients who are facing a cancer diagnosis, noting that lab reports can be difficult to understand. He explains his reasons and that he will be studying the impact of this consult service on the patient’s care. Mehta is an assistant professor of pathology at Upstate and the medical director of pathology and clinical pathology at the Community campus. Joining him in the interview is Alexandra Tatarian, a third-year medical student who works with Mehta.

Learn more about breast cancer pathology consults here: https://www.upstate.edu/pathology/healthcare/breast-consultation.php