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A biographer looks at pioneering physician Elizabeth Blackwell; doctors-to-be reflect on Blackwell and their med school experience: Upstate Medical University's HealthLink on Air for Sunday, Jan. 31, 2021

WRVO logoBiographer Janice Nimura shares the story of Elizabeth Blackwell, MD, the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States, and her sister, Emily Blackwell, MD. Nimura is the author of the new book "The Doctors Blackwell: How Two Pioneering Sisters Brought Medicine to Women and Women to Medicine." Elizabeth Blackwell, born 200 years ago, is an alumna of what is now Upstate Medical University. Neelima Dosakayala and Sruti Akula, two second-year medical students at Upstate, talk about what medical school is like today and their thoughts on Blackwell and her legacy.