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So you are considering a job as a home health aide...

Jeanette Zoeckler, PhDOccupational health researcher Jeanette Zoeckler, PhD, talks about the working conditions in one of the fastest-growing low-wage jobs in America and in Central New York. The job involves basic hands-on care. Most home health aides work through a placement agency, earning minimum wage or a little more. Most aides are women, and many are African-American, but some are young in age while others are older. Zoeckler says people work as home health aides because they love helping people. The work can be physically and emotionally demanding, and while some aides like working independently in the homes of clients, others feel isolated. Zoeckler has spent several years researching low-wage occupations for the Low-Wage Workers Health Project. She has done previous interviews for "HealthLink on Air" about the project.