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Sexual assault nurse examiners explain their role

Nurses Cathy Bradley (at left in photo) and Anne Galloway (at right)Registered nurses with specialized training are called on to care for patients who have been sexually assaulted and seek help at Upstate University Hospital, Crouse Hospital or St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center. Nurses Cathy Bradley (at left in photo) and Anne Galloway (at right) estimate 300 people in Central New York are the victim of rape or sexual violence each year. Most are female. "They want to go home, and they want to shower, and they want to forget about it," Galloway says of many of her patients. In this interview, she and Bradley tell about the medical exam, evidence collection and testing performed by sexual assault nurse examiners as part of the SANE program. Central New York resources for victims of sexual violence include Vera House, at 315-468-3260, and the Child Abuse Referral and Evaluation Program (CARE) at the McMahon/Ryan Child Advocacy Center, at 315-883-5617. Nationally, the anti-sexual violence organization RAINN operates a 24/7 hotline: 800-656-H-O-P-E.