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Trauma experts teach life-saving techniques in free 'Stop the Bleed' program

Surgeon William Marx, DO, Upstate‘s chief of trauma, critical care and burns (right) and trauma program manager Jolene KittleTrauma experts from Upstate Medical University provide free instruction in how to save lives by controlling severe bleeding. The first step is to apply direct pressure on a wound. Then, apply a dressing and continue with pressure. If that doesn't work, a tourniquet may be necessary if an arm or a leg is involved -- along with a call to 911. Surgeon William Marx, DO, Upstate‘s chief of trauma, critical care and burns (at right in photo) and trauma program manager Jolene Kittle (at left) tell about the "Stop the Bleed" program, which would make trauma kits -- containing dressings and tourniquets to treat severe bleeding -- widely available throughout the community. Tourniquets have been used since the 1600s to save the lives of people who are bleeding uncontrollably from their extremities. The American College of Surgeons is rolling out Stop the Bleed through trauma centers throughout the United States. To schedule group training, contact the Upstate trauma program at 315-464-4773. For more on Stop the Bleed, including two short, informative videos, click here.