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Treating physician burnout with a boost of resiliency

Mickey Lebowitz, MD, left, and Ronald Fish, PhDA physician who "burned out" and quit practicing medicine has teamed up with a psychologist to offer a course to help other physicians in danger of burnout. Endocrinologist Mickey Lebowitz, MD (at left in photo), wrote a book about his departure from the medical field called "Losing my Patience: Why I Quit the Medical Game." Now he has returned, and he shares his experience with burnout in an effort to help colleagues build resiliency. Lebowitz and Ronald Fish, PhD (at right), clinical director of Psychological HealthCare mental health services, offer a six-week course that focuses on improving a physician's sense of self, interpersonal relationships and their professional culture. In this interview, they discuss the reasons for and severity of burnout -- which can also affect nurses, technicians and other medical professionals -- and how patients may be affected.